Data Teams

A Unified Management Model for Successful
Data-Focused Teams

Are you starting a data team and don’t know where to start? Are your data teams working but not producing, and you don’t know why? I’ve written this book to share my extensive experience helping companies create value with data.

Data Teams goes in-depth on the unified model for creating successful data teams. Being successful includes ensuring you have the three fundamental teams: data science, data engineering, and operations. Without all three teams, the data teams won’t achieve their highest and best output. For some organizations, the team model is there but isn’t working. Data Teams helps you diagnose the problems so you get the right teams in the right places.


About The Book

Making use of big data is a team sport. It takes several different kinds of people to get things done, and in all but the smallest organizations, they should be organized into multiple teams. When the help from these friends comes together, you can do some awesome things. When you’re missing your friends, you fail and under-perform. Just who are these friends, what should they be doing, and how do they do it? This book answers these questions.

Because of my consulting services, I’ve been able to work with many organizations and industries around the world. I’ve been able to see the patterns and commonalities because I had access to a larger sample of data, and I could experiment on what the best practices should be. As you read the book, realize that every thought and idea isn’t an academic theory. These were all first-hand experiences and hard truths that I learned, sometimes the hard way. I’ll be sharing not just my stories, and the story of my company, but the story of all the companies that I’ve worked with.

The book covers many facets of forming data teams: what kinds of skills to look for in staff, how to hire or promote staff, how the teams should interact with each other as well as with the larger organization, and how to recognize and head off problems.

Bonus BOOK Interview

As a special bonus, I did another interview with another company. This interview gives a long-term view of how they managed, hired, and organized their data teams. To get the interview, fill out the form below and I’ll email you the link.

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